Sad love poems


Sad love poems are always a creation of sadness involved in matters of love.It is sending a message about the condition of heartbreak but in a poetic manner. Always finding a rhythm with a broken heart, sad love poems are the best methods to deal with lost love. Some of the classic sad love poems being  ‘A farewell to false love’ by Sir Walter Raleigh, ‘When we two parted’ by Lord Byron, ‘Reluctance’ by Robert Frost, ‘One day I wrote her name’ by Edmund Spenser, are among the best sad love poems ever written, hands down.

Sad love poems always seem to stir some feelings once we read and visualize it in our minds. Whether it it is rejection, deception or a love-less love, sad love poems always tend to find a place in our lives. After all what better way than to vent out our frustration and pain into a lovely creation called poems.

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